About Shing Hin Catering Group


SHCG was established in 1994, offering fast food and fine-dinning services to institutes of
different nature, mostly academic while others include hospital and commercial organizations.
We specialize in Chinese & Western cuisines and other regional or continental relishes.
On top of dinning services, our service also covers convenient store, refreshment kiosk,
banquet service and catering services of special functions.


What we do – Institutional Catering


Our expertise is in the field of institutional catering. This type of business relies not only
on the professional knowledge of Food & Beverage operation but also on the mode of
cooperation between the caterer and the institute. Here are some typical characteristics of
an Institutional Caterer:



Provide tailor made services to partner institutes

   Unlike our commercial counterparts whose operation is primarily monetary-profit based,
   we reach out to needs of the institutional members – customers who belong to the relatively
   confined type. We maintain frequent liaison with the institutions on operational issues
   such as menu cycle, alteration made on the service, hygiene & maintenance issues.



Cooperation on multi levels

   Our multi-dimensional support to partner institutes from various catering functions to
   fund-raising sales, sponsorships, eventful donations to various partner institutes, etc,
   are bright illustrations of the close relationship we have been maintaining. Our loyalty and
   partnership-oriented character can be visualized by our long service history in different partner
   institutes in Hong Kong. A good partnership relies on our perusing of excellence in service.


Code Of Business Conduct


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